Quiet Spaces


I just want to sink into something lush, wild and green.  I’m a city girl to my core, but I feel most at home when I’m barefoot with my feet digging into grass so thick, the sun is hard pressed to rob the soil beneath of its moisture.  Spaces like that are where my Creator feels most real to me; where I can hear Him speak and where I can best sort out His purpose for me.  Sometimes, seeing a picture of a lush hill strikes me so vividly, the scent memory of crisp emerald ground overtakes me.  It’s one of my favorite forms of communion.

But it’s cold, and I ain’t got no traveling dough.  So I’m dedicating time to that personal growth I spoke of the other day.  I’m planting and nurturing mental seeds so that my mind becomes verdant.  Decompressing to make this possible has been so necessary.  The fact that I’ve planted my best mental seeds while silently polishing my nails is hilarious to me.  I’ve sought out my own frivolous little bit of zen in a $2 bottle of Sally Hansen’s every day, and I enjoy it.  It benefits nothing but my own eyes, and sometimes, that’s all I need.

Apparently, the human mind and body need rest to function properly.  Who knew?

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3 Responses to Quiet Spaces

  1. Heather

    Brain rest and nurturing are definitely needed. I do it with books–reading takes me wherever I want to go.

    • Beauty Jackson

      I’ve been all into books, movies and comics lol. It was a great mind vacation. I’m planning a physical trip in the spring though. i still need a getaway. I’m ready to go back to work though.

  2. Markimus Dubicus

    I know who didn’t “knew”…you! But it’s cool that you’re figuring it out.


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